Paradigm  – set of concepts or thought patterns or models of behavior in different situations.

This training allows the person to identify what is his personal paradigm that blocks him on the way to success. What stops him in the mind and how to let the energy come out that was blocked because of different life situations of the past. What are the attitudes and paradigm that block you from easy and happy way of living.

This training is assumed to mini groups of 12 people. This is very important as all the participants of the training help each other to change this paradigm and put new methods and set new model of living in order to realize  the dreams and to be successful in all areas.


Repeated situations, problems that seem not be solved, understanding that things can be better and not understanding why you have some bad situations in life.


Personal map of your life path (from the past to the future), understanding of the limits that affects your life. Getting energy for achievements and changing your life.

DURATION :  2 days