Unique training of LS center for 3 types of clients:

  • ambitious people who invest in their self improvement
  • young businessmen and businesswomen, top-managers
  • business owners who feel lack of interests, no energy

This course helps you understand the types of stress that you have, how they influent on you and how to transform this stress into productive energy so you get real results.


being not at ease condition of daily life, no reasons for being anxious, lost, apathetic but you are. Usually we are not defining stress by ourselves and the reason we have it. We all have fears that brings us to stress. This we have to define and work on it.

Topics of the course:

1.  Stress resistance as a symbol of success 

Stress resistance – this is what everyone wants. This part is for those who wants to know how to deal with everyday stress or how to avoid it.  Myths and reality of what stress does to us, practical exercises on how to improve your conditions.

2.  He, she and money

How stress  from career or business status influent the relationship of the couple? Especially if both people work

3. How to block the negative influence of stress in our daily life

Where to get the energy for achievements if you are stressed? How to keep good quality life if you feel pressure of your work? And important thing is how to protect yourself from negative influence of stress.

4.  What limits your success. 

Struggling with your permanent stress condition. What in your set of thoughts does not let you to go higher. Programming of your mental recovery after stress conditions.

5. Attraction formula

What you should know about how to cooperate in the relationships with others and to have an idea of what you can get from the relationships with someone (your clear vision).

6. Stress management in effective way

Taking decisions during stress period – mechanism, logic and ethics of this process.


Some theoretical aspects (mechanism of stress, body reactions on stress, how brain reacts during stress period and what makes us to take decisions) plus exercises and games that help to deal with stress.

Small groups 10-12 people (up to 20)


Bring yourself up against any type of stress.

Personal plan on how to transform your stress into active energy and start to be productive.

DURATION :  2 days