Defining of key strong characteristics of the person that would help to achieve the goals, defining the characteristics that need to be improved in order to be more successful. Understanding and defining the «phsycho type» of the person and how he/she reacts on different situations in life according to it. Knowing of this gives understanding to the person on how he/she can behave and why. How to solve all difficult situations in the easiest way.


Nervous conditions, high anxiety level (difficult to understand wha’s going on in life), feeling that nothing happens in life.


We find out what are individual methods of motivation makes this particular persons  to change his life. During this session we set the goals, make some tests to analyze the person and his situation. We understand what type of the personality and his/her personal barriers on the way to the achieving the goals. Also, what makes him/her enthusiastic in life and what is his/her personal successful way.


Individual recommendations answering the question «what to do and how to do it»

DURATION :  3-4 hours