Unique training program during 9 months to do a great job on yourself to improve  your interpersonal skills for interaction in the business environment and life in general. The main emphasis is made on practical exercises that allow you to really understand and get new skills, and then implement them. Having great interpersonal skills is very important and makes achieving results much easier and faster in life. Besides, it gives understanding of people reactions and let you react properly, it gives the ability to analyze the situations in advance and to avoid negative aspects of it. Each of the trainings effectively and gently get you out from the comfort zone and improves.

Trainings are assumed to the groups of 25 people. Program consists of 4 sessions that can be taking separately as well. Time period between trainings is 2 months that helps to accept your new reality.


Difficulties with communication, difficulties to confront negative reactions from other people, difficulties with self-presentation. Desire to build productive relationships with the people or with business-partner.



Working on communication skills with the group where everyone sees the difficulties and work on it by exercising.  Sometimes people do not know what technical method to use and behave just intuitively. So this course gives you more awareness about how to communicate but keeping it naturally and in high emotional tone.

We identify what strong skills everyone has and what situations make difficulties for communication. We learn how to:

  • make connections with people
  • present yourself effectivly
  • achieve goals (particularly from the person or team)


This session will give you ability to analyze people around you, to understand situation more clearly especially when you have feeling that someone’s behavior has hidden meaning towards you or another person. If you experience some strange emotions or understand that you have done useless actions and don’t get the right result then you need to get this course.

it helps you to understand the process of manipulation and how to protect yourself from it. How to understand your emotions and not let people use your  «buttons».


Practical training that helps you to learn how to create business connections outside your workplace (how to start talking about your work in informal situations and besides to motivate person to continue communication after, motivate him/her to meet again.

Creating clients outside your company.


Staying calm and clear thinking in difficult situation. How to deal with anxiety.

We know what situations make us feeling anxious and when we recognize them and know how to deal with it staying calm then we can improve our life. How to transform negative behavior of someone into better way.


Trainings in groups with practical exercises


Ability to deal with difficult situations, easy way to confront it and get the positive result for yourself, developing the skills for good communication. Easiness in dealing with people.

DURATION :  2 days each training